Vendor Inspection Service

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Scheduled Vendor Inspection services ensure that your product meets the specified requirements from commence to finish. We are expert solution provider for all inspection activities involved in Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Instrumentation & Communication sectors.

We are capable of providing an impartial and independent inspection service, ensuring complete assurance from material procurement to complete installation with strict compliance to specified criteria and shall operate safely and reliably. Entrusting us for VIS can reduce potential risks to both the safety and quality of your products and services at manufacturing stages and in turn it will aid in saving time and money.

Our professionally qualified inspectors can inspect vendors to fulfill a variety of requirements, including but not limited to
  • Review of material Test certificates/reports to ensure compliance to specification/code/standard requirements.
  • Inspection of sub-assemblies and finished items for workmanship, dimensions, surface conditions, and operability.
  • Inspect and witness all tests to ensure strict compliance to approved drawings, procedures, and specification.
  • Final inspections prior to dispatch to customer requirement.
  • Review and certifying contractor dossiers and closeout reports to customer satisfaction.

Authorised Inspection Services

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Petrogas with the our associate partner provides Authorized Inspection services in accordance with the applicable rules of the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) standard. Petrogas is able to offer the inspection services set forth by the ASME Code defining certifications for all boilers and pressure components.

Our services include:
  • ASME Accreditation.
  • ASME Inspection & Shop survey for Joint Review.
  • In-Service Inspection (NBIC/ANSI/nb23).

Expediting Service(ES)

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Our team of highly experienced expeditors ensures that your order is processed and shipped strictly in line with the approved schedule. Our team conducts physical verification of the vendor’s progress against the base line schedule at pre-determined intervals / identified milestones and supports in achieving settled deadlines. Our team is capable of analyzing the scenarios and updating you on the current status of your order and can assist you in identifying any bottlenecks well in advance to take corrective actions.

Services offered includes but not limited to:
  • Online Order Status assessment and reporting to client by physical verification.
  • Offline Order Status assessment and reporting to client by follow up through email/phone.
  • Approval Status of engineering /drawing documentation submissions.
  • Material receipt status evaluation and packing list verification.
  • Fabrication schedules actual vs. planned progress in manufacturing.
  • Monitoring and reporting delivery date status.
  • Monitoring completion on outstanding action points.
  • On time identification and reporting of threats and bottlenecks.
  • Detection and elimination of critical deviations in early phase.

Offshore and Onshore Rig Inspections

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The complex and harsh nature of offshore and marine industry equipment and structures requires precise and accurate inspections to provide the necessary assurance of reliability and conformity to all governing regulations.

We provide Civil, mechanical, welding, structural, electrical and other types of Engineers/inspectors and technical specialists for assignment and construction sites to ensure that all aspects of the construction fully meet the client’s requirements.

We performs visual, coating, NDE, electrical/instrumentation and welding surveillance for
  • Jack ups
  • Land rigs
  • Jacking legs
  • Sub structures
  • Mast structures
  • Offshore Cranes

Periodic Shutdown/Turnaround Inspections

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We offer the complete professional assistance to handle all turnaround inspection requirements of oil and gas industries requirements with API Certified Inspectors, CWI Inspectors, NDE Professionals and Civil Inspectors.

We experienced professional team provide support with efficient management of Schedule to achieve the objective of plant turnaround maintenance which comprise of revitalizing, maintaining and recover the plant to ensure optimal and efficient performance.

Range of Services:-
  • API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspections.
  • API 570 Piping Inspections.
  • API 653 Above storage Tank Inspection.
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Inspection.
  • Rotating Equipment Inspection.
  • Painting/Coating Inspection.
  • Conventional NDT (UT/PT/RT/MT).
  • Post Shutdown/Turnaround Documentation.

Technical Documentation Review

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Our technical documentation review team provides comprehensive verification of your documents to ensure the same are in line with Project specification or regulatory requirements. They are at the heart of what we are and we believe having good documentation can significantly simplify troubleshooting, reducing time and expense.

Our technical documentation review team consists personnel with necessary qualification, certification and experience, assesses your documentation to ensure it is complete and in compliance with all applicable standards.

We have expertise in review but not limited to subsequent documents in accordance with applicable codes and standards:
  • QHSE Plan/audits.
  • Vendor approvals/Audits.
  • Engineering drawing.
  • Material test certificates/ Reports.
  • Traceability records/QCRs/Procurement.
  • Laboratory test reports/Manufacture records.
  • Project monitoring records.
  • Final Dossier/Project closeout reports.

Technical Training & Certification

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Training plays a fundamental role in assuring to any organization’s personnel the skills and competence they need to face challenges.

Petrogas provides training directly or through its’ partners specializing in Management Systems and Inspection. The training is generally available through public seminars. It can also be arranged in-house to meet the needs of a particular organization. In such cases the training will generally be provided under the auspices of one of our partners.

Petrogas also provides accredited Auditor / Lead Auditor training courses through it’s’ partners. These courses are approved and accredited by IRCA / IEMA.

Petrogas trainers have vast practical and instructional experience ensuring participants gain both the theoretical knowledge and practical ideas for implementation in their organizations, we are able to provide a variety of training courses designed to meet our clients’ need

  • NDT Inspector level II
  • Welding Inspector
  • Coating inspector
  • Auditor of Management Systems
  • HSE
  • First Aid
  • Coordination Training
  • Inspection hands-on Training
  • Expediting Courses

Oil Country Tubular Goods Inspection & Services (OCTG)

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Oil Country Tubular Goods or OCTG inspection, testing & certification services includes complete inspection and identification of potential damages, crack , thickness monitoring etc of seamless tubes (Drill Pipe, Casing pipe and Tubing ) delivered in quenched and tempered condition in compliance with international standards and regulations.

Our engineers with enormous experience in Oil & Gas drilling sector dedicated in providing services in activities related to OCTG for safe and smooth operation:
  • Visual body inspection.
  • API Thread Gauging.
  • Full Length API Drift.
  • Visual thread inspection.
  • Hardness testing and Ultrasonic wall thickness checking.
  • Coating/corrosion inspection.

Project Management Consultants

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Total Project Quality Management team on behalf of our clients shall monitor and control entire quality aspect starting from engineering design, Procurement and Construction supervision of Project.

Our extensive office service network and in house documentation/reporting allows us to offer clients the best of quality assurance in the industry. Our service enable the client in continuous timely monitoring the project process.

Our designated management team including project manager, Team leaders and inspectors shall provide complete support in effective management and completion of project.

Our team shall arrange and coordinate with contractor and client and shall generate monthly/weekly report to client detailing the construction/procurement progress, concerns and recommend resolution/recovery plans.

We provide Project Quality Management services for Oil &Gas, Marine and distribution industries and our expertise are as below:
  • Construction drawing review and verification.
  • Review of project specification & construction procedures.
  • Welding Procedure/Welder Qualification.
  • Material Control Inspection.
  • Site Inspection/Supervision.
  • Daily/weekly/Monthly reporting.
  • Arranging progress meeting.
  • Review of baseline schedule.
  • Total Quality Document Control.
  • Review and recommending of site queries.
  • Review and recommending of technical deviations.
  • Conducting Internal and External Audits.
  • Providing technical advice to the client on various aspects all throughout the period of construction.
  • Final Test Pack/MDR Preparation.
  • Web Based Work Tracking

Engineering Services

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Engineering Services performs independent design review of an engineered system, equipment or process to check their compliance to relevant quality, operation, safety, environmental and industry standards.

As part of engineering services we provide the following services.
  • Detailed engineering.
  • Pressure vessel calculations.
  • Repair & alteration calculations.
  • Piping & pipeline design analysis.
  • Structural design & analysis.
  • Process engineering.
  • Detailed design review.
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Welding Engineering ( WPS & PQR)

Technical Staffing Services

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Technical staffing services offer you cost effective recruitment solutions for Short and long term basis on various project for Oil & Gas, Marine, Petrochemical and Distribution Industries.

Our technical staff works on behalf of our clients in various projects as necessary to meet client and/or project needs and assist client in minimizing recruitment time , control operating costs.

We have experienced and specialist certified engineers, inspectors and technicians for the following disciplines.
  • QA / QC
  • Welding
  • Piping
  • Structural
  • Painting
  • NDT
  • Electrical
  • Instrumentation
  • Mechanical
  • Design
  • Planning
  • Civil

Non Destructive Testing Services (NDT)

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Non-destructive testing (NDT) is the process of inspecting, testing, or evaluating materials, components or assemblies for discontinuities, or differences in characteristics without destroying the serviceability of the part or system. In other words, when the inspection or test is completed the part can still be used.

From construction sites, pipelines and refineries to shipyards and nuclear power plants, you need to monitor and improve the reliability of your processes and equipment. Our non-destructive testing (NDT) services offer you complete or sample examination of your assets, using well-designed procedures and highly trained and certified NDT inspectors. As a result, we can provide you with complete and valuable data, enabling you to make informed asset management decisions.

We offer you the following NDT services:-
  • Dye Penetrant Testing (DP)
  • Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT)
  • Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
  • Radiographic Testing (RT)
  • Pre –Heating and Post weld heat Treatment.
  • Hardness Testing.

Project Procurement Services

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Fabrication And Erection Services

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Petrogas Services Company LLC have highly skilled, very well trained and experienced team of Technicians, which includes: Fabricators, Fitters and Multi-process Welders that are capable of undertaking and executing all types of Industrial fabrication, Erection and Installation.

Our Major Fabrication & Erection Services are, but not limited to :
  • Pipe Fabrication & Erection (Above ground/ Underground)
  • Structural Fabrication & erection
  • Fabrication & Erection of Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks, Skids etc.
  • Mechanical Equipment Installation & Commissioning
  • Replacement of fabricated Equipment
  • Preparation of Feasibility Studies to drive budgetary costs, work estimation and time schedules.
  • Submission of design reports / drawings for obtaining 3rd party approvals.
  • Fabrication / shop drawing for Steel works and pipe spools.
  • Preparation of ITP, Testing, Commissioning Procedures etc.
  • Deputation of Professional / skilled manpower for project execution.
  • Welding (SMAW, GTAW, SAW, FCAW, GMAW etc.)
  • Testing (Hydro, Air, Helium etc.) Layout, Burning, Cutting, Rolling, Forming
  • Expediting & Inspection of Materials / Fabrication & Erection activities.
  • Preparation/Review/control of Project Documents and Compilation of Various Documents into Software Package.
  • Safety